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Kurdugad Fort

Raigad , Pethwadi village

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The Kurdugad Fort also known as Vishramgad is said to have been developed during the reign of Shivaji. Shivaji's Sardar Baji Pasalkar was involved in the work. It was later under the control of Peshavas. But during British rule this site had gone into obscurity. Baji Pasalkar's descendant Shri. Dattoba Pasalkar brought this fort again in light.

At the base of the hill of Vishramgad are temples of Devi Kurdai and Kurdeshwar Mahadev. The fort is sometimes called Kurdugad from the name of the base village Kurdu Peth. On the way to the fort there is one water cistern. At the northern entrance of the fort there is one bastion called Hanuman Buruj. It is named because of the presence of big idol of Hanuman near it. There is one gorge on the fort. There is one cliff as well. Existence of some water tanks can also be seen although they are now filled up with soil. A pinncle near the southern end is separated by a col provides very good views of valleys of Konkan.

This fort is situated 90 km from Pune. The best period for trek on this fort is October to February. After the rainy season the earth gains green look. Such environment really great to visit the fort of Konkan. The height of this fort 2020 feet.

Half an hour from Pethwadi village.

  • Accommodation :
    You can use the groove on the fort for accommodation.

  • Getting There :

  • By Air :
    Mumbai is nearest airport.

  • By Rail :
    From Mumbai reach Mangoan by Konkan railway.

  • By Road :
    From Pune : A way from Pune going towards Konkan passes through Tamhani ghat. An approach is available from Tamhani ghat via Dhamanwal, which goes to fort's plateau. From Jite town, take a route alongside a water stream. On the way, there is a rock patch having a certain idol on it. Take left from here. The route goes through a farm. It takes 5 minutes walk to start the climb. This route takes us to the plateau after numerous turns. The plateau has a small community by the name Pethwadi. One and half hours would sufficient to reach here from Jite. The route is quite hectic as it drains much energy. The route from Dhamanwadi also reaches here. Pethwadi has a beautiful temple of goddess Kurdai. A water tank lies nearby. A way for the fort starts from the right of the temple. It takes half an hour by this way to reach. From Mumbai : From Mumbai reach Mangoan by ST. Take a bus for Jite, the base village. From Jite, the route is same as above.

  • Places to see nearby :

    There is a fort of Goddess 'Kurdai' near the base of fort. On the way up, there are remnants of the gate. The top of the fort is a pinnacle. Entering by the gate a Hanuman statue, about 1m height grabs our attention. Behind this statue we find the natural

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