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Lingana fort

Raigad , Mahad village

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Lingana Fort is situated 16 mile awat to South-East of Mahad village between Torna and Raigad in Sahyadri range. The height of fort is 2969 feet. Fortification has destroyed there are remains only cisterns and warehouses of grain.

After defeating More family Shivaji Maharaj made this fort near Raigad. The cave, which was the old prison, 50 prisoners were kept at a time.

Food facility: By yourself.

Drinking water: There are tanks of drinking water ahead cave. There is also water tank on sliding way when climbing mountain.

  • Getting Activities to do :For going on fort firstly we need to go in Mahad village. From there buses available in morning and evening to going Paane village. After climbing of quarter of an hour we reach on Lingana Machi from Paane village.

  • Accommodation :
    cave is expansive it can Accommodate 30-40 people. It is only place to living.

  • Getting There :

  • By Air :
    Mumbai is nearest airport.

  • By Rail :
    Mahad is nearest railway station.

  • By Road :
    One has to reach Mahad city. S.T. buses ply regularly from Kalyan, thane, Mumbai, Pune to Mahad. One can also board the passenger train from Diva station at 6:00 am. From Mahad bus depot, two buses go to the village of Paane, which is at the base of the fort. First bus leaves at 11:00 am and the other one is at 4 pm. From here, we can reach the village on the upper plateau, which is called Lingana machi. From here a walk of 1 hr on slippery way leads to the base of the pinnacle. Trekkers going from Rajgad or Torna to Raigad come through the valley called Borhatyachi Naal, which lies between the mountain of Lingana and the mountain of Raylingi. We come from the northern end of the fort to Lingana machi.

  • Places to see nearby :

    Cave is expansive, so it can inhabite 30-40 people. Based in front Jagdishwar from Raigad gives us satisfied vision from this fort. Beyond the cave after crossing a dry cistern arrive to well water. Here is a Shivling(Lord Shiva), but there is no remains

  • Map : Lingana fort

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