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Mrugagad fort

Raigad , Khopoli

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History: Not much is known about the history of this Fort. This Fort was used more as a watchtower. If you see the Fort pic above, the shape of the Rock itself is such that there is no need of Fortifications (a natural Fort), and this Fort actually does not have any fortifications, probably because of this shape.

  • Accommodation :
    Accommodation facility is not available on the fort. Food and Drinking facility is not available.

  • Getting There :

  • By Air :
    Mumbai is nearest airport.

  • By Rail :
    Khopoli is the nearest Rail-head

  • By Road :
    From Khopoli you need to catch a State Transport Bus or a six-seater to Bheliv Village. Its a 1 hour ride from Khopoli Station.

  • Places to see nearby :

    Mrugagad is a small fort, and it takes around one hour to see it. On the way to the top, there is a cave which is bit tough to ascend. There are some water tanks and a small pond on the fort. There are some water tanks on the summit. We can find some remnants of old houses. Since Umbarkhind and Waghdari can be seen from the top, it was used to keep a watch on these areas and the surrounding villages.

  • Map : Mrugagad fort

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