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Ratanagad fort

Raigad , Deevanmal

Ratanagad Fort

Ratanagad fort Photos

Ratangad Fort

Looking mostly like a surveillance tower this fort has a very little historical mention.

The fort adorns just a water tank on it, but it gives an exemplary view of a ravine connecting the Deevanmal and Saimal villages.

Food Facility: One can make own arrangement or can ask villagers at Deevanmal. There are no hotels near the fort.

Drinking Facility: Here one should know that even though there is water tank on the fort, the available water is some times not potable. It's advisable to carry water from Deevanmal village.

  • Accommodation :
    There is no accommodation facility on the fort. But one can surely make a stay at Deevanmal village which is at the base of Rantagad.

  • How to reach Ratanagad fort :

  • By Air :
    Mumbai is nearest airport.

  • By Rail :
    Pen is nearest railway station

  • By Road :
    1) Pen - Sapoli - Chandepatti - Deevanmal : This is an arduous trek which can usually takes 4-5 hours. 2) Pen - Deevanmal : From Pen one can take private vehicle to Deevanmal. The ST Service is available till nearby village which is at a distance of 30 min walk from Deevanmal. 3) Pen - Kamarli - Saimal - Deevanmal - Rantagad : This trek would require generally 3 hours for reaching Ratanagad . This valley is one of the prime reasons why one should try this route.

  • Places to visit in Ratanagad fort :

    Bhandardara Dam

  • Map : Ratanagad fort

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