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Songiri fort

Raigad , Zapadi

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There are 2 forts by name Songiri in Maharashtra, one near Karjat in Pune district (also known as the fort of “Avalas”) and the other near Nagothane in Raigad district. Songiri in Raigad district was one of the supportive forts like Birwadi and Surgad to protect main forts like Avchitgad, Ghosalgad and Talgad.

Songiri is a small fort, and there are 2 dried up water tanks on the top, with remnants of ramparts and mansions. This was used as a watch tower.

Food , Drinking Facility is not available.

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  • Accommodation :
    Accommodation facility is not available.

  • Getting There :

  • By Air :
    Mumbai is a nearest airport.

  • By Rail :
    Kasu station is a nearest railway station.

  • By Road :
    We have to reach Kasu station after Pen on Konkan railway. From Kasu rickshaw is available to Pabal Phata. From here, we have to reach in Kondhvi village at 9km. One way to the fort goes from this village.

    There is another village by name Zapadi at 3 km from Kondhvi. The way from here is less tiring. We reach a plateau in 45 min. The way to the fort is along a huge tree here. We can see 4 hillocks from here. The second from the left is Songiri. It takes 20 min from here to reach the top.

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