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Barvai Fort

Ratnagiri , Pedhambe

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Barvai is built on a mountain which stands separate from the linked ranges of Sahyadri, near Chiplun. Its references are found in a book named “Daspaticha Itihaas”, which was found in Pedhambe village. This fort is said to have been used as a watch tower.

  • Accommodation :
    One can stay in Sukai temple in Khadpoli or Ugvatwadi temple.

  • Getting There :

  • By Air :
    Mumbai is nearest airport.

  • By Rail :
    Chiplun is nearest railway station.

  • By Road :
    The diversion to Pedhambe is located at 10 km from Chiplun on Chiplun-Karad road. Pedhambe Dhangarwadi (Ambadiwadi) is located at the base of the fort. From here, we can reach the top of the fort in 10 minutes. There are 2 routes to Dhangarwadi

  • Places to see nearby :

    There are no remnants on the fort now. We can find the idol of Goddess Bhairi on the mountain top. A Veergal (stone sculptures carved out in the memory of warriors) is found on the western side on a hillock. Local people call it “Vetal”. There is a small cave beyond this, which is closed. On the northern part of the fort we can find 3 square shaped ditches, and some plinths of old houses. The further part becomes narrower.

  • Map : Barvai Fort Map

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