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Dajipur Sanctuary


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Dajipur sanctuary [30k.m From kankavli] Is situated on the border of Sindhudurg and Kolhapur districts. It is also know as a hill station. Thick forest is speciality of this sanctuary. The way to climb mountain is also an attraction. We can enjoy sunset from Dajipur. It is a pleasur to view sunset with cool air and colourful clouds in the sky.

Dajipur beckons adventure lovers. Tourist must come to this place during Kankavli visit. They can reach here by kankavli-Kolhapur state transport via Phondhaghat. Private vehicles are also available. On the way to Dajipur there is a temple of Bhagvati Devi. Tourist should visit this temple. Dajipur is charming Bison Sanctuary [Gawa Buffalo’] with a variety of animals, birds and full of beauty.

Original Indian Bisons are star attraction of this reserve. There are ample of antelopes (kalvit), deer (Harin), bears (Aswal), serpents (saap), chitals etc. This jungle resort is a scenic spot near the backwater of Radhanagri Dam. It is surrounded by hilly areas, a thick forest abundent in wild life.

This sanctuary is also a paradise for the bird watchers. If camera is with you then simply spot birds and capture them in your camera. In rainy season Dajipur is a beautiful picnic spot where streams tinkle and make their way through the landscape down at different places in the mountains one can really enjoy cool pleasant bath in the natural surrounding. At one point on the highway the bird eye view of low-lying places can be enjoyed here. A Gagangiri Maharaj Mutt lie in the forest area of the dajipur. Special trekking camp place is more than just fun. It's an enlightning excursion a must for a botanical student.

Flora and fauna of Radhanagri Bison Sanctuary :

Animal found in the protected area: Bisons – 500, Barking deer- 140, Mouse Deer – 80, Tiger- 4, Leopard – 5, Wild boars – 80, Giant Squirrel – 50, Sambar – 120, wild Dogs – 70 and many types of reptiles amphibians.

Birds: Vultures, Eagles, Jungle Fowl, Quails, Plovers, Bulbul, Flycatchers, Warbless, Wagtails and some Birds.

Dominent plant Special Trees: Anjani, Jambul, Hirda, Awala, Pisa, Ain, Kindel, Ambha, Kumbha, Bhoma, Chandala, Katak, Nana, Umbhar, Jambha, Gela, Bibba etc. Karvi is found all over area. Climbers: Shikakai and Garambi Shrub

Special and medicinal plants: Karvanda, Vagati, Ranmiri, Tamalpatri, Toran, Dhayati, Kadipatta, Narkaya, Murudsheng, besides this quite large number of seasonal plants are also found.

  • Accommodation :
    The jungle resort of Dajipur is a youth hostel run by the Maharashtra government which provide some very basic accomodation (certainly not a very good place to stay, though). The only good thing about this resort is the food provided. Dajipur is one of the best campsites in Maharashtra.

  • Getting There :
    If travelling from Mumbai (which is about 490 km away from Dajipur), you need to take the NH17 and from Kankavli you need to take a deviation top reach Dajipur via Phonda ghats. If travelling from Pune, you need to take the deviation from Kolhapur towards Radhanagri and reach Dajipur via the road connecting to NH17. Radhanagari is 40 km away from Dajipur.

  • By Air:
    Nearest airport is Kolharpur, 80.K.M from here.

  • By Rail :
    Nearest railway station is Kankavli which is at the distance of 490 k.m. from Mumbai.

  • By Road :
    There are daily buses from Kankavli and Kolhapur.

  • Places to see nearby :

    Bison National Park :
    This wildlife sanctuary is home to bison, wild deer, chital, gawa and many more spectacular wild animals and birds. Surrounded by rugged mountains and dense forests, this secluded little place is completely cut-off from any kind of urbanization.

    Math of Swami Gagangiri Maharaj :
    Gagangiri Maharaj is a great yogi. With unique capacities, vision and synthesis; Gagangiri Maharaj, and the math is renowned as a spiritual destination for domestic and foreign travelers. The Math is located in the midst of dense forests and thick green vegetation near Dajipur.

    Radhanagari Dam :
    Radhanagari Dam and the reservoir offer some very beautiful sights about 100mts above the sea level. Radhanagari Dam, constructed by Shahu Maharaj is constructed across Bhogawati River. This century old dam is used mainly for irrigation and power generation. The dam is 1037 m long, covering 11000 hectares of wooded hills surrounding it. There is a hydroelectric project with an installed capacity of 10 MW.

    Phonda Ghats :
    At about 1200mts above sea level these ghats offer some sweeping images of the valleys. During monsoons the glistening shades of green offer a majestic view of the Konkan.

    Safari to the wild life sanctuary :
    21 km into the thick forest takes you to the heart of the sanctuary where sighting of the bison, wild deer, chital, gawa and the barking deer is quite common.

    Walk through the Ghats :
    The walk through the ghats is quite an exciting option with beautiful views of the valley and sparkling waterfalls and streams.

    Shivgad Fort :
    Enter Dajipur Sanctuary. From the Sanctuary, walk towards Gagangiri Maharaj Ashram. Behind the Ashram, a route towards top of the Fort can be seen. An easy walk will lead you to the top of fort. One can see Ruined Bastion, fortification on top of the fort. Please take local guide with you if you want to visit this fort.

  • Map : Dajipur wild life sanctuary

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