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Datta Mandir Chual

Raigad , Revdanda(Chaul)

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Datta Mandir located in the chaul part of Revdanda. It is the temple of lord Datta mainly worshipped by Maharashtrian people. The temple or Mandir is situated at the top of the peak with almost 1500 steep stairs to be climbed to reach there. The entire region around the Revdanda can be viewed from the temple. The temple is said to be built during the ShivajiRaje reign to keep an eye on the enemies. The temple witnesses a huge celebration which starts on the birth day of Lord Datta and this celebration last for 5 days. Schools remain closed for these 5 days in Revdanda

The red domed temple of DattaMandirsituated at the hill top is said to be constructed by Swami Bramhendra. The temple has three headed statue of ShriDatta and this idol represents the trinity of Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara

The other popular temple of DattaMandir is at Sanquelimand it is well known all over Goa as it is said that it miraculously cures patient suffering from mental troubles. It is believed by people that the trinity deity of Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwarablesses these patients and relieves their pain. This temple is situated 37 km from Dattawadi, Sanquelium and about 40km from Margoa. This temple is century old and it has a back drop of beautiful hillock covered with dense groves of areca palms.The festival of DattaJayantiwhich comes in the month of December isauspiciously celebrated in the temple which is attended by many devotees from all around the Goa. The interior of the temple is made from white marbles, which provides peace of mind for the devotees visiting the temple. The red domed Datta temple of Revdanda, offers picturesque view of the great unconquered fort of Murud-Janjira and the coastal area that is surrounded to it.The temple surrounded by the green lushly greenery is safe and sound from all sorts of commercialization. This view of the temple makes it worthy to climb such step stairs and it also provides peace of mind to their devotees and helps to relax from the stressful working days and daily routines. The temple can be reached easily by the roadways but it is suggested to take the trekking path to enjoy the nature and it will also feel one with the startling sensation of reaching the hill top.

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    Hotels and resorts are available in revdanda.

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    Nearest airport is mumbai.

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    Roha is nearest railway station.

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    109 Km - Distance from mumbai to revdanda. 17 kms from Alibaug are the twin villages of Chaul-Revdanda.

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    Murud janjira fort , Kashid beach , Birla temple , revdanda beach , shitala devi mandir , rameshwar mandir.

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