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Datta Mandir

Sindhudurg , Mangaon

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(14 k.m. from Kudal) Located at spirtual village Mangaon, birth place of Paramhans Parivajakacharya Vasudevanand Saraswati Tembeswami who established idol of lord Datta at Mangaon. Swami worshipped Lord Datta and obtained his good grace. He also obtained distinction by writing religious books (Granthas). The memorial of this great saint is situated at Garudeshwar, Gujrat. By wandering ceaselessly for nearly 24 years throughout India Swami visited holy places such as Vjjain, Brahmavarth, Haridwar, Petlad, Tilakwada, Dwarka, Chikaladara, Mahatpur, Badhwai, Tanjawar, Mulkyala, Pawani, Havnur, Kuruguddi and Gurudeshwar. At these places Swami had privilege of observing chaturmas (Shravan).

  • Accommodation :
    Hotels are available in kudal.

  • Getting There :
    14 k.m. from Kudal

  • By Air :
    Dabolim, Goa

  • By Rail :
    Kudal is the nearest rail head.

  • By Road :
    14 k.m. from Malvan city. 33 KM from KankavliThe Distance between Mumbai to Kudal is 750Kms. The Distance between Pune to Kudal is 483Kms.

  • Places to see nearby :

    Rawool Maharaj , Laxmi Narayan Temple

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