Vayangani Beach

For traveler who is very much enthusiastic in finding a place where he can be relieved of all his fatigue and to take rest in absolute tranquility, this virgin beach is most suitable one. Vayangani is also a sea side village where one can share the frogrance of nature. Fruit bearing trees like mango, beetalnuts, jackfruit and coconut lend exotic greenery to the village.

The Vayangani Beach is like no other beach, and attracts tourist for a far lot more reasons than merely its beautiful seashore or crystal clear water. Located in Sindhudurg, this beach attracts its visitors for the enchanting location it is set in, with greenery surrounding it. Th

entire beach stretch is covered with lush green mango, cashew and jackfruit trees. Sipping on tender coconuts, while observing the setting sun, is an experience one wouldn’t want to miss out on.