Dhutpapeshwar Temple rajapur

It is a famous temple in Dhopeshwar village in Rajapur taluka. This village is situated 5 k.m. Away from Rajapur city. You would always find devotees rushing here. It is on the bank of Mrudani River. It's an ancient temple. Natural beauty around it is extraordinary. At the both sides of the temple there are huge mountains and a river flows through it making it more beautiful. The Mrudani River jumps from the high mountain so there is a beautiful waterfall near the temple. Some tourists come to see the waterfall. The best period to watch this waterfall is between July to November. During the period there is plenty of water. There is huge crowd on Mondays and

In the early years, there was a forest where dhopeshwar temple is built. It was an uninhabited place. A milk-giving cow of a brahman used to release the stream of milk on the Shivling regularly. As a result, brahman was not getting milk. Brahman thought that cow grazing person was stealing milk. This led to constant quarrel between brahman and cowherd. Finally, one day, cowherd kept an eye on cow. At that time, he saw the cow releasing milk on a Shivling in the forest. cowherd got angry. He hit Shivlinga with his axe. The upper part of Shivlinga blew off which is in Dhopeshwar Mandir of Kasarde in Malkapur. After that, Shivalinga remained in the same state. Later on, a temple was built around Shivalinga.

Behind the Shri Dhootapeshwar Temple is the temple of Shree Kameshwar (Rakhan Devta). When there is no rain, the temple of Kameshwar is filled with water. If an animal like a cow and a buffalo does not give milk or falls ill, then it is said that god's sacred ashes cure them.

The entire village of Dhopeshwar has been rewarded to the Dhootpapeshwar Devasthan since the time of the Peshwas or perhaps even earlier, and the expenses of the devasthan are met through taxes and donations. Dhootpapeshwar is a temple in the hills and there is a Shivalinga installed hundreds of years ago under the waterfall which is located on the right side of the temple.
At that time, it has been very ingeniously carved in the black stone in such a way that the water of the waterfall will fall precisely on that Shivlinga. Whenever Swami Gagangiri Maharaj was coming to Rajapur, he was meditating under this blue water. About 40 to 45 years ago, when a person tried to reach the bottom of the deep blue water, he found a temple there.Trembling with fear, he came up immediately. Since then, it has remained a secret what is at the bottom of the blue water as no one has ever tried to do