Devbaug Beach , Malvan Devbag

Devbaug Beach is located in the Sindhudurg district of the Maharashtra state, and it is situated 6km away from the main city Malvan. Devbaug is counted as one of the beautiful beaches across India located near Tarkarli beach.

Devbaug Beach even known by the name the Golden Sand Beach. Devbaug possesses a tranquil atmosphere, significant for pilgrimage and historical values and ethics.

Devbaug Beach - Devbaug is a small fishing village which sits on a thin strip of land with the Karli River backwaters on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other. Devbaug Beach is adjacent to Tarkarli Beach and ends at Devbag Sangam. It is easil

accessed via the Malvan-Tarkarli road. Devbagh beach is less crowded during the high tourist season and attacts tourists looking for peace and relaxation.

A confluence of the Karli River flowing into the Arabian Sea. This point marks the southern most tip of the malvan taluka. An interesting geographical site, it is far more enchanting to see it atop the bridge built to cross over the river into Vengrula.