Mnagalgad Fort mahad

Mangalgad Fort is located in the village of Dudhanewadi in Mahad taluka in the district of Raigad in Maharashtra state. It is situated in the Mahad sub-division and is around 11 miles away from the town of Mahad. The fortress is built at a height of 2457 feet on the top of a steep cliff on the Sahyadri. The site can be reached by a rugged and narrow path that stretches for almost 2 miles. The structure is 264 feet from north to south and 1485 feet from east to west. Mangalgad Fort is also known as Kangori Fort. 

  History of Mangalgad Fort
Mangalgad Fort was established by Chandrarao More of Jawli. The structure

as among the 7 fortresses that were seized by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj of the Maratha Empire in the year 1648. Chitursing, the brother of the Raja of Satara, was imprisoned in the fort from the year 1812 to 1818 when he died. Most of the fortress was dismantled in April 1817. Mangalgad fort and the region were captured by the army of British East India Company in 1818 after the capture of Raigad Fort

    Architecture of Mangalgad Fort:
Parts of the ramparts and the walls are still intact. However the main gateway and most of the buildings in the premise of the fort are in a dilapidated state. A rock-cut water reservoir and an ancient temple are located near the rampart. There is another temple in the vicinity which is known as Kangori Devi Temple. There are some water tanks at the top of the temple. The fort prison and the wada are presently in ruined condition.
 Time to climb: 1.5 hrs.