Varad Vinayak Temple , MAHAD

Varadvinayak temple is located at Mahad. It is situated near to Pune City about 85 KMs. It is one of Ashtavinayak of Maharashtra. Varad vinayak temple is built in 17th century.

It was said that Prince Rukmangad was cursed by Mukunda and he died. Lord Indra and Mukunda's son Grutsamad when came real story then he cursed Mukunda. In turn Mukunda cursed Grutsamad to have demon child, that child was Tripurasur. Grutsamad worshipped lord Ganesha and that place lord Ganesha resides in the form of Varada Vinayaka. Grutsamad is popular for the mantra "GaNanaN Tva".The temple faces East. Here devotees are allowed to individually pay

heir worship and respects to the idol directly.