Marleshwar Temple - Devrukh Ratnagiri

Marleshwar Temple is located in Marleshwar of Ratnagiri district. It is a cave temple and is circumvented with sacred grooves. The presiding deity is Lord Shiva. The Marleshwar Yatra which takes place during the Makar Sankranti is a major event of this temple

    Near the temple, Dhareshwar waterfall can be seen. Local belief is that Lord Parshuram laid the foundation of the temple. Many snakes can be seen in the cave but there has been no complaint of any devotees being bitten. This has resulted in the increased faith of the devotees. The Sahyadri Mountain ranges can be seen from the temple. 

 In the Ratnagiri

istrict of Maharashtra you can have a look at the popular shiva temple called Marleshwar, the uniqueness of the temple is that there are various snakes in the temple but cialis 20mgthey do not bite the devotees. This factor as increased and more and Marleshwar Templemore people visit this place every year. This temple is mostly crowded during Shravan and Nag Panchami on these days this temple is thronged in by devotees in large numbers.

There is also a waterfall which is too a drawing card for Marleshwar this waterfall originates from the river Bav, this is known as Dhareshwar. There are too many stories attached with Marleshwar. So here is one of those on the Makar Sankranti day here took place the marriage of Girijadevi and Marleshwar, so the locals have a great enjoyment and fun on this occasion. From this temple you can also have a look at the mountains of Sahyadris. This place is a real place of tranquility to visit during monsoon. The foundation of the temple was done by Lord Parshuram. 

  There is Yatra that takes place at Marleshwar on special occasions like Makar Sankranti. All festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm. This place is easily accessible from Mumbai, Pune and all other cities of Maharashtra.