Amboli Waterfall, Amboli Sawantwadi

Amboli is in Sindhudurg, India. Amboli ( Marathi - आंबोली)is a hill station in south Maharashtra that lies in the Sahayadri Hills of Western India. At an altitude of 690 meters it is the last hill station before the coastal highlands of Goa and a relatively unexplored one.

Amboli receives the highest rainfall in Maharashtra and remains pleasant all around the year. The best season to visit Amboli is during the monsoon between June and August where there are heavy rains. During non-monsoon seasons, the town wears a deserted look and leads life with a lazy approach.

Given its placement on the Ghats and being the recipient of highest

ainfall, Amboli remains pleasant all round the year is a treat to visit. It’s this characteristic of the town that attracts many visitors from the neighboring cities of Goa and Belgaum on weekends.

Amboli is an excellent place for trekking. It has a number of trails with different degrees of difficulty. However, beware of leeches; the trails are teeming with them! Even if you are not a serious trekker, Amboli has some lovely walks, which can be easily managed. The walks from the main road to any of the view-points like Shirgaonkar Point, Mahedevgadh Point are beautiful, with green vegetation on both sides and streams gurgling away. The best way to locate trails is to ask the people at the hotel where you are staying. Handmade wooden toys. No hotels or shops at Amboli accept cards. Its recommended that you carry adequate cash for your trip as there aren’t any ATMs at Amboli.

The food style of most of the eating joints are synonyms to the cuisine that one can taste in other parts of Maharashtra. You can find numerous eat outs in the 500 meter distance between the main bus stand and the police check post with all of them serving similar cuisine. For those with interests in branded food can visit Vithal's Kamath near Sunset point. The hotel offers good seating with ample car parking and a good view of the mountains. They are priced reasonably higher compared to the other prices in Amboli.

You would hardly find any shops that serve you fruit juices. There is only one store near the main bus stand that serves sugarcane juice. Refreshments like Tea and Coffee and other bottled/aerated drinks are available in all stores that dot the highway between the bus stand and the police check post.