Vyaghareshwar waterfall , MANCHE

After onset of rainy season tourists like to see waterfalls. Amboli. Napne and Savdav waterfalls are too successful to attract them but Vyaghreshwar waterfall at Manche, which descends from 300 feet height, is out of sight for a long time.

Enchanting mountain ranges, vales and between them the pleasant waterfall, ancient Vyaghreshwar temple, this surroundings is dreamy and attracting.

Sindhudurg has got everything from nature with a free hand and is fortunate enough to have footprints of Shivray (King Shivaji).Vijaydurg Fort built by King Shivaji is favorite fort of all tourists on the way.

There is a direct track fr

m Vyaghreshwar temple to go to Vyaghreshwar Waterfall.But tone has to go bare foot. The path is very narrow and one has to carefully go through the path to have a look of the majestic scene of the waterfall. At times one may find it impossible to reach descending water but one can take pleasure of bathing in the water of naturally formed Kund but courageous youths can't control themselves from going beneath the fall. Though the way is slippery and one has to be very careful, it is indescribable thrilling experience.

All the facilities are available nearby as residence is very near to waterfall.Vyaghreshwar temple is also center of trust for many devotees.Only priest can enter in the innermost part of the temple. Devotees usually come on a large scale on every Monday during the year.