Bharadi Devi Temple - Angnewadi malvan

Anganewadi in Malvan is more famous for its Bharadi Devi temple and the most popular fair called Anganewadi Jatra which is held annually. The most interesting thing about this fair is its changing date which is finalized by mutual consent in February every year. There are many legends about the appearance of the deity in this village of Malvan District.

    <p>In Maharashtra there are a number of temples called “Jagrut Devasthan” and many deities having a great wish fulfilling power fulfill the wishes of the devotees. These wishes are expressed in the form of “Nawas” at the Jagrut Devasthans. When the

evotees receive what they asked for their belief is strengthened and they return to the place along with offerings for the deity. “Bharadi devi of Anganewadi” is one of the “Jagrut Devasthans” in Malvan fulfilling the wishes of all those visitors who come to this place with a devotion and great belief. The visitors include many types like politicians, celebrities and tourists on a Malvan visit.

The satisfaction of the visitors to Anganewadi fair keeps on increasing its popularity beyond the borders and attracts more number of devotees every year. The rituals at the fair are really interesting which include embellishing the stone plaque of the deity with ornaments, mask and new clothing. Afterwards the village barber standing in front of the temple reflects sunrays over the plaque. There is one more interesting trend which strengthens unity and cooperation among the residents during this fair. As per this trend one female from each family has to join cooking of food at the temple which is offered as Prasad to the devotees. The Jatra lasts for one and a half day only, but surprisingly brings flocks of devotees from the neighboring region.

The venue of the fair can be reached easily from Malvan which is just 10 km from the city. There are plenty of traveling options by road to reach Angnewadi. Nearby railway stations are Kankavli and Oros. If you are arriving from Mumbai, Pune or Goa then you can stay at one of the Malvan hotels located at central locations. The budget hotels of Malvan are the best means of balancing your requirements and pocket. After visiting the fair extend your stay for a day or two and enjoy the interesting sight seeing options of Malvan.