Shri Rawool Maharaj was born on KOJAGIRI POONAM 1905 at Pinguli village in a poor farmer family. He was the eldest among four brothers and four sisters. He was named as Krishna by his father Appa Gopal Rawool and mother Savitribai. Krishna, whose household name was Aaba, did not study beyond primary education. He also never showed any interest in doing farming or any other work as he grew up. But, his only passion was to sing devotional songs. And when he sang, he would forget his thirst, hunger, including himself.

    He was sent to Mumbai to find work and after doing a couple of jobs here and there, he was recommended by one of his em

loyers for a job with the Times of India. In the meantime, he was made to marry Radhabai, who was of loving and peaceful nature. His parents were of the opinion that after marriage, Aaba would stop singing Bhajans and would understand family responsibilities. But, after coming back from work, he continued singing Bhajans at home till early hours of the morning. This caused disturbance to the neighbors, who would quarrel with his wife next day. After the complaints increased, he would change his room and go elsewhere in the same area viz. Thakurdwar / Girgaon in south Mumbai. They had to change 34 such rooms on account of the same complaints. 

    In the meantime, Radhabai succumbed to death at Pinguli, while delivering second son, Daji, who was brought up by Saraswati, mother of Shri Anna Maharaj. Earlier, Aaba had met his Sadguru Shri Balkrishna Maharaj at Mazgaon and had become his main disciple. Shri Balkrishna Maharaj was also very pleased having a disciple of the level of Aaba. Within a few years, Aaba bid goodbye to Mumbai and came back to Pinguli. Here, instead of looking after family responsibilities, he started roaming from village to village, singing devotional songs. Wherever he went, series of devotional songs continued and unbelievable miracles occurred. People started visiting Pinguli to have darshan of Aba. People also started believing him as Maharaj, as his words never failed. Apart from singing Bhajans, he also regularly meditated twice during the year in a sitting of two to three months at a stretch without any food or water. Thereafter, from early seventies, he regularly started visiting Mumbai and other places by car and never meditated (rather, was not required to) anymore.

    None went disappointed, who came to Shri Rawool Maharaj and their wishes and expectations were always fulfilled. During his lifetime, he performed great miracles such as drinking pure acid, bringing dead persons back to life, running vehicles on water, instead of petrol on many occasions, holding a Mumbai bound boat back at Goa with mental powers, so that a patient could be boarded who had arrived late, for treatment at Mumbai, curing devotees of dreaded diseases, … the list is unending. He blessed all, irrespective of their cast or religion, who came to him with faith in God. As a Sadguru, his main objective was to grant Salvation to those devotees who always obeyed him, always remained contented in the condition they were and passed his fierce tests. He left his Body on 31st Jan 1985 at Mahim and he was given physical Samadhi at PINGULI on 2nd February 1985. Before that, he had informed to Shri Anna Maharaj and his Son Daji that now he would remain in one place and will look after every thing . And Anna Maharaj always Conforms that - Rawool Maharaj, who looks after and helps everyone who Comes here. Even as on today, miracles are continuing Samarth Shri Rawool Maharaj knows what the devotee wishes even before comes to Pinguli to convey his problem at the Samadhi Mandir. The devotees who display true faith are never let down by Shri Rawool Maharaj and this will continue unending.